Second place again

Why does no-one want to hire me?! I’m getting interviews but not getting offered the jobs. I recently came second place – the reserve candidate – for the second time. Feedback hasn’t been bad, there’s just always someone better than me. It’s frustrating.

But then part of me is always relieved that I don’t have to make a decision (i.e. whether to take a particular job or hold out for another interview/opportunity etc.).

I am hopeful that when something does work out I’ll be able to be more content with it though. Having tried out a range of different jobs and read a lot about the whole process of decision making, especially regarding career choices, I feel that I’m finally starting to accept that my first job won’t be perfect.

I’m also starting to realise how much I care about other things than the actual work itself, like location, work environment and colleagues. I always knew these things were important to me but still placed the actual job above them. Maybe this is where I need to compromise, at least for now.

I’ve found another book to add to my list – Be a free range human – it’s about entrepreneurship and finding work that fits with all of your qualities, skills and values. I’ve always thought I’d love to work for myself, maybe this book will help. The idea that finding your dream job isn’t possible but that creating it is achievable is encouraging.

2 comments on “Second place again

  1. Must be tough! Hang in there though – persistence is so important! It sounds like you’re learning lots from these experiences anyway, so congratulations on being reflective :)

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