75 job titles that sound really dull (but you’re likely to end up with)


After some careers-related googling (the job hunt continues!), I came across a list of the 100 most common jobs in the UK. I’m not sure how current or accurate the list is, but it’s interesting to look at the sector most of these seem to be related to: business, management, admin and office-based work.

And don’t they all sound really dull? Or is that just me? I’m sure some of them must be interesting… maybe I’m asking too much from a job, and maybe I simply understand so little about what most of these roles involve that I’m not in any position to comment, but there aren’t many job titles listed that I’d be interested in having.

Here’s the list, with any jobs not relating in some way to ‘business’ (i.e. those that actually sound interesting to me) highlighted in bold (the word manager is definitely over-used):

Manager, Project Manager, Teacher, Director, Accountant, Consultant, Administrator, Solicitor, Account Manager, PA, Office Manager, Analyst, Engineer, Sales Manager, Doctor, Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Managing Director, Personal Assistant, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, IT Manager, General Manager, Software Developer, Accounts Assistant, Secretary, Team Leader, Business Development Manager, Developer, Graphic DesignerLecturerArchitect, HR Manager, Receptionist, Assistant Manager, Buyer, Design Engineer, Associate, Marketing Executive, Product Manager, Web Developer, Management Accountant, Programmer, Sales, Financial Controller, Finance Manager, Quantity SurveyorDesigner, Technician, Sales Director, Sales Assistant, Project EngineerElectricianPharmacist, Sales Executive, Marketing Assistant, Store Manager, Supervisor, Nurse, Recruitment Consultant, Production Manager, Lawyer, Senior Engineer, Dentist, GP, Account Executive, Web Designer, Driver, Senior Consultant, Social Worker, Assistant, Operations Director, CEO, Credit Controller, Senior Manager, Pilot, Plumber, Editor, Finance Director, Barrister, Mechanical Engineer, HR Advisor, Programme Manager, Assistant Accountant, Executive Assistant, Scientist, Estimator, Marketing Director, Vice President, Trader, Commercial Manager, Researcher, Trainer, Auditor, Technical Manager, HR Administrator, Graduate, Financial Analyst, Branch Manager, Area Manager (source: http://www.mysalary.co.uk/most-common-jobs.php)

Of course these job titles mean very little when you look at what the roles involve in different industries, yet my initial impression of most is 9-5 office-based business (profit) focused repetition. They could at least start by jazzing up job titles to make them sound like vaguely interesting roles to have!

4 comments on “75 job titles that sound really dull (but you’re likely to end up with)

  1. I’ve always wanted to send in a job application which reads, “I will be delighted to apply for this post, as soon as I understand what it is”. This is in response to all the jargon we get now which makes me wonder if I can actually speak my language.

  2. Creative job titles are so very refreshing! On a lighter note, you might find this series of “real job” pins entertaining: http://www.etsy.com/shop/helloquiettiger?page=1

    Included: Pillow Fort Architect, Ice Cream Aficionado, Dreamer Extraordinaire, Marathon Napper, Cat Video Director

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