There are no wrong decisions

I was aware of the book I’ve just finished for a long time before I decided to read it. I guess I thought the title said it all, but it’s actually been a really positive and encouraging read, and it’s got me thinking more about whether I push myself outside of my comfort zone enough.

8. Just say yes – you can’t losefeelthefear

(Feel the fear and do it anyway, by Susan Cain)

Often I feel the fear, do it anyway (once) and then be done with it, feel good, but generally I don’t keep pushing the same boundary. It’s like I can superficially do the fear thing, but only for a limited amount of time (maybe that’s got something to do with my introverted energy levels).

A couple of things stood out to me while reading – the key one relating to my usual dilemma: decision-making. We often see choices as black and white, right and wrong, but each option will just lead to different opportunities, no better and no worse in the long run. I find this hard to accept. Being the maximising perfectionist that I am I feel that one path must have even a slightly better outcome than another. But I can’t think like that – the paths are different, there is no good or bad, just one set of future opportunities versus another, neither of which can be known at the time of making the decision.

The other key point that stood out to me was, and at first this does sound a bit mystic, ‘saying yes to your universe’. All this really means is being open to life and all it has to offer. It doesn’t mean literally saying yes to everything, just accepting what comes your way knowing that you can handle it and therefore you really have nothing to fear.

The book’s about being positive and not relying on external things to make you happy. Yes a lot of it could be described as common sense, but I know I need reminding. This is a great motivational read and it makes me want to go out there and take some risks. Because we’re capable of handling so much more than we think we are, and because If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got, and I want something new and different.

4 comments on “There are no wrong decisions

  1. Sounds like an interesting book – I will have to check it out (I don’t know how I haven’t run across it already!). I like the idea of not judging various paths but rather accepting them as simply different. It reminds me a lot of mindfulness training, in which you see what is crossing through your mind without judgment, and then bring your thoughts back to center. The times when I’ve actually engaged in this practice on a regular basis, I can say that decision making comes easier to me, as well. Perhaps this connection is why.

    • It’s definitely worth a read. From what I know about mindfulness training it’s all about being in the moment isn’t it, and I guess when you’re living fully in the present you’re not worrying about the future consequences of decisions, just what seems right in the moment (a lot easier said than done!) – it’s going back to the idea of following intuition rather than over-analysing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Sounds like an interesting book. I also really like the concept of accepting that no single decision is better than another. I always overanalyze big decisions (and small ones) because I’m worried that if I choose the wrong thing I’ll be damaging my future. Whenever I start doubting a decision I’ve made, I think back to what would have been different had I chosen a different path. Although it’s easy to assume the other direction would have been better or led to more success, that’s not necessarily true. Thanks for sharing; hopefully this realization will help me with future decisions!

    • I’m completely the same with over-analysing different paths and worrying about damaging my future through a wrong choice. I hope this idea does come in useful for you with future decisions – I know it’s something I need to remember when I’m worrying about making or having already made a wrong choice!

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