Two years later… A trip abroad


It’s been far too long.

But I had to take a break from career blogging – my head had been full of careers thinking for a long time.

So where have I been for the last two years? What’s been happening and what’s about to happen?

The job:

  • Trainee software developer / assistant to CEO for a data analytics start-up (I know – I’d never have predicted it either!)
  • Finally working with people I actually like! Having real friends at work!
  • Learning sooo much new stuff – Java for one thing, and tons of business info (lots of “don’t do”s!)
  • Admittedly a nine to five office job, but just a 10 minute walk to work in the centre of a beautiful city
  • Lots of tech networking events and meeting interesting entrepreneurs – a whole new world!
  • All that cool start-uppy stuff like variety and flexibility and ideas and other cool stuff (until redundancy… but that came at just the right time, when I was more than ready to move on)

The personal development:

  • I’ve been having counselling for a year and feel like a much stronger person now
  • I’ve had the most open and honest conversations of my life with friends and family
  • I’m finally tapping into things that feel more “me” and connecting with others doing the same
  • I’m taking some big risks, including a trip abroad to teach English in Madagascar for 6 months, starting in January!

And those are really the key things for me, which have led to so much more. It’s my plan to blog about my upcoming trip that’s brought me back to this old blog. I was almost scared to write here about my work for the startup when it began – it just seemed to good to be true, and all the personal development stuff just felt too deep, but here I am, connecting this back to the present, and it feels good :-)

I completed the CELTA last month (that’s the Certificate for English Language Teaching to Adults) to feel super prepared for my time away and to give me some great new skills for hopefully lots more future use. And I’ve just completed three days of a recognised and accredited five day coaching course, again with the hope that this will enable me to get where I want to be in the future.

Anyway, that’s enough from me here, at least for now. This blog may start up again, or it may not, but either way please do check out where I’ll be attempting to document my upcoming trip.



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