A vegetarian Christmas

lisa_the_vegetarianI’m a vegetarian and have been now for around 7 years. I have a number of reasons for this choice – I don’t particularly like the taste or texture of meat, I don’t like the idea of eating something that was once alive and that I definitely wouldn’t want to kill myself, and we have so many other options of what to eat that I kind of just feel eating meat isn’t necessary.

There are also health benefits to not eating red meat, though fish and white meats could be argued to be pretty good for you. I guess it really depends on how much of an effort you make to eat the right other stuff (beans, pulses, wide range of fruit and veg, cheese, milk and other sources of protein etc.) as to whether or not being a vegetarian makes you healthier than being an omnivore.

Am I a vegetarian for ethical reasons? Sort of, but I realise that from an ethical standpoint vegan-ism is really the only way to go (apparently cows have to regularly give birth in order to keep producing milk and the calves are taken from their mothers at a very young age). Eating less meat is also a great way to reduce carbon emissions, and having a strong interest in environmental issues I do try to do my bit! Although I now hate the thought of eating meat, I have no problem at all with anyone else choosing to eat it. This is just my own lifestyle choice.

So obviously I won’t be having a typical Christmas dinner, and I thought I’d share a lovely nut roast recipe that I first tried last Christmas and will be making again for tomorrow. Nut roast has a bad reputation as being boring and dry, however this recipe from the Guardian’s website is delicious: Felicity Cloake’s perfect nut roast (scroll down past the discussion of the different aspects to find the perfect combination)

Happy Christmas!