10 things I like about my job

chickenlovesjobI came across this post: Ten things I love about my job, a while ago and have kept meaning to write my own list. I think it’s something everyone should do. The list can include anything, even the small things, and it’s a great way to appreciate what you have.

I may not love my job but I certainly don’t hate it, in fact I’ve realised it’s actually a lot better than I give it credit for!

10 good things about my job:

  1. I get two computer screens (or is this pretty standard in modern offices?! Either way it’s great)
  2. I work in a nice building in a nice part of town
  3. It’s 5 minutes from the train station, making my commute pretty easy
  4. I get to hear about lots of interesting jobs from people who love what they do
  5. My work (hopefully) helps to inspire and encourage young people
  6. I often learn new things and interesting facts
  7. I now know more about WordPress (use it a lot at work)
  8. It’s more of an entrepreneurial rather than a corporate company
  9. My colleagues all like their jobs making it a positive place to work
  10. As my first proper job, it’s helping me to work out what I like and don’t like and what I want to do next

It’s easy to focus so much on ‘something better’ that you don’t appreciate what you currently have. I’m very guilty of this, and I’m realising that there has to be a balance between having long term goals and ambitions and working towards those, and living in the moment – allowing myself to fully appreciate my current job and situation as a good thing at this time.